Monday, October 15, 2012

Jeremiah went to homecoming this past Saturday. WOW! He looked so handsome and so his girlfriend Addy looked beautiful! I have to say, I didn't get all emotional like I thought I would. I was very excited and proud of what an awesome kid I have! 

They had a great time! We took a million pictures! Yesterday we went to church then came hone and had a relaxing Sunday afternoon. Savannah made lunch. She loves to make meals for the family. Then I made cupcakes and put them in my new awesome cupcake holder that Uncle Tom's fiancĂ© got me! It's those thoughtful things that really fill my love tank :) 
I am working on crocheting project. I see all these crocheting/ knitting projects and I want to raid Michael's for all the yarn I can get my hands on. However, I do not know how to do most of the projects I see! This saturday the girls and I are going to my mom's house to stamp. I'm excited to make some new cards and hang out w/ my mom and girls. I will have to post pics of our day! 
Oh and I am going to post a pic of the LOVELY and AWESOME corsage that my friend Emma made for Addy~

Here's a link to her Etsy shop... she does beautiful work, all by hand! 

Please visit her shop! You will find some very awesome and unique things! 

Good night friends!