Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's November! YAY!!! I am very happy halloween is over b/c that means the official Holiday season has begun!!! This year our holidays are not going to consist of huge gifts. Because we are going on our family vacation to Disney World a month after Christmas, we have to really scale back our spending at Christmas. Not that we ever were big spenders to begin with, but you get the idea.  This gives us a whole new opportunity to show the kids again the true meaning of Christmas. They know what it means, but w/o a ton of gifts, that will open the doors for some good conversations. 

I'm learning to knit again. I LOVE it!!! so of course I am hoping to knit my heart out between now and Christmas, lol. My mom has taught me before and I always forget. Well she taught me again, and my good friend Jodi showed me another way to knit so I'm excited to get thru my first scarf so I can begin on a blanket. I am also in a huge baking mood.  The kids have been helping me bake too. They love it. It's great memories for them and me too. 

My neck has been kinda bad the last few days. Mornings are brutal. It drives me nuts that  just doing normal things make my neck hurt like crazy. My lower back has been bugging me too. I sound like a dang 70 yr old woman. However that is the exact reason I started my community on Blogfrog. I hope other mom's will join. It's good to feel like I'm not alone. Darnell is awesome, he does so much and does it b/c he loves me. THe kids are the same way. However there is something to be said for connecting w/ other women who know what it's like and can relate. 
This is Savannah helping me bake. She helped w/ the chocolate chip muffins and Jeremiah made the pumpkin bread! What awesome kids I have!