Tuesday, August 6, 2013

God DOES move mountains!!!

Where do I even begin???

a little over 24 hrs ago 2 friends decided to put together a benefit for our family. Can you believe that now a little over a day later, donations have been made, a benefit has been scheduled, friends have come out and offered to help in any way they can. I am simply in awe. Not only of what our friends and family are doing, but of what God is doing. 

I have always had faith, but i will tell you what, this last few years... it's been tested, tried and some days I wanted to give it all up. I have always just said to God " REALLY?!? when in the world did I ever seem like the person that can handle all this?"   COME ON. 
Obviously he sees things I don't. I see what I can't do, what is overwhelming and scary. He sees what HE can do with these seemingly hopeless situations and does his thing. And really, who am I to question God? 
  So no more questioning God. God is showing himself. 
Does that mean the next 7 weeks won't be trying or hard? no. It means my faith is stronger, our family's faith is stronger. 
When you are a parent and a wife and you're watching your children go through things you can do nothing about it's heart breaking. And it's not just watching Haley and Isaiah go through what they do, but Jeremiah and Savannah having to watch their bro & sis hurt and cry and not be able to make it better. Jeremiah used to carry Haley home from the bus stop b/c she would have such bad bladder spasms that she was doubled over in pain. Savannah would run ahead to tell me and then Jeremiah would be carrying Haley. Savannah has ALWAYS been with Haley through it all.. sitting with her in the bathroom when Haley has to cath and it takes forever ( Haley's words)... Haley either grabs Savannah's hand or Savannah grabs hers if Haley is in pain. 
These kids amaze me. Jeremiah goes above and beyond for Isaiah. He puts up with the hard stuff.. and i'm telling you what, it gets hard. But J will take Isaiah to the store or buy him an ice cream cone, those little things that are big things to Isaiah. 
Now with Darnell's diagnosis, surgery, and now the beginning of radiation.... it's a whole new set of circumstances. But God didn't change. The cancer diagnosis doesn't go away. But, God is providing for the things we need and showing that people care and love us and want to help. 

The last 2 months have been a whirlwind. I honestly don't think that will end but I'll tell you, it IS ok. Cancer does suck but God is bigger than it. 

And now I am going to study the couponing FB pages for the freebies :) 

You can click on the links below for info on the benefit and Donation page that has been set up by our friends!