Monday, May 13, 2013

The Craziness of life...

It's been a while since I've blogged....
I've been busy. This season of life is hard.
full of ups and downs.
emotionally draining.

It's not anything new really..just the same stuff that feels like it's hit a new level. Isaiah's down to a 2 hours school day. This is good on one hand b/c we can actually get him to go to school. 
BUT...that means he's home most of the time. bored. It's hard to keep him busy and he drives me nuts w/ the "I'M BORED..THERE'S NOTHING TO DO..." 

So although this is not new stuff really it's just taking a toll. I realize this is just how it is and I accept it. I am human and am worn out. 

I still am having tons of fun making my own cleaning products! Last week I made homemade febreeze, shout, oxiclean and a grout cleaner that made my bathroom floor look brand new! 
Even the kids were impressed w/ how clean the floor was. 

I also am very interested in Essential Oils. I really want to sell them but it's a huge undertaking and I don't have the money to start it up. So I just bought a few small bottles from Ebay to see what I can do with them. They're only 10ml so it's was very inexpensive. I am interested not only in how to use them with cleaning products but the more reading I do the more I am seeing how they can be so helpful in natural remedies. I bought Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree and Rosemary. The peppermint is supposed to be great for headaches so I am going to put that one to the test! 

We have let our Cable go in an effort to save money and I also am proud to announce that I only buy Starbucks once or twice a week! Which for me, is a huge difference!!! We are trying hard to save money wherever we can. I am still couponing and am trying to do as much meal planning as possible. I am going to have to really get on top of things w/ summer coming and having the kids home. It's hard to meal plan and buy groceries that are healthy w/o going broke!

If you are reading this, I just ask that you would keep us in your prayers. With summer coming I'm extremely anxious about how Isaiah will be, keeping him busy and just trying to keep myself together. I do my best to do everything I'm "supposed" to do when you have a child with special needs. It's just hard. I don't want to be on pins and needles all summer and I want us to enjoy it. Thanks :)