Tuesday, January 11, 2011

8.4 pounds!!!!!!!

I weighed in today! I lost 8.4 pounds in a week! WHOO-HOO!!!!!!
In the last 7 days I have gone to 5 zumba classes. I think I am getting addicted! lol..of all the things I get stuck on, zumba is a good one! I feel great when I am exercising. I have more energy, I am getting more things done at home. I really feel great. I EVEN stopped taking tylenol PM. I have relied on that for so long to help me sleep! Now, I think my body is so tired, lol, i don't need it! I take an anti anxiety med at night and now I'm just taking melatonin. I wake up feeling good, not feeling so drowsy.
This is really life changing. I am writing everything down, trying to follow my post gastric bypass diet as best I can. Going to zumba also allows me to bring my girls. I feel like it's my responsibility to show them how to be healthy. I want exercise to be a normal part of our life. Unfortunately, on both sides of our families, we have the "fat genes". But that doesn't mean we have to let those genes stick!!! So I am feeling energized, positive, and I know this is just the beginning!!! My short term goal is to lose 30lbs. My long term goal is to lose close to 100lbs!! I want to grow my hair long, and be the long haired brunette bomb shell for my hubby!!!!! lol...