Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Blogging, cleaning, organizing, my!

My life has been consumed by Pinterest lately. But it's paying off! 
I have re-organized about 3/4 of our house! We have limited storage space and a weird layout so we have to use our space wisely. Before I was introduced to the world of organizing the way Pinterest portrays it, I was too overwhelmed! Well my friends, I am now well on my way to being organized! 
....let me say that part is my favorite. Getting rid of crap we don't need and throwing stuff out is fun for me. 

I have spent many hours figuring out what will work best in each room, how to use the space wisely. It's working out well. 

With all the purging then comes cleaning. And as I was cruising through different blogs, I found many that gave recipes for homemade cleaning products. My friend Amanda has also been an inspiration. 
COOKING! my family especially likes this part. I am finding tons of recipes. With the couponing I have been doing, I have also started making meal plans so that we can save as much as we can on groceries. Before we were coming up with things on the fly, Darnell did the grocery shopping but was stopping at the store a couple times a week. NO GOOD! 
We save money alone by making less trips to the store! And now that I have a Kitchen command center on my fridge 

This is what it looked like, I am tweaking it as I go... but now the kids know what is on the menu for the week. I have to add some things but I think this is a good start. 
One website that I really LOVE is

It has given me many ideas and inspired me to do things differently. 
As I said in my previous blog post, I am trying to save money save space.. be efficient in all things. Some days I'm overwhelmed by it all..but it actually gives me a new purpose in this whole stay at home mom gig. :)

Dealing with a lot of issues with Isaiah. Prayers would be appreciated!!! 
a pic of my small pantry.. a WIP (work in progress)

and a Pic from my front porch the other morning...