Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Spring Cleaning??

It's been awhile since I've blogged.....I've been busy! 
Busy with what? 
Well besides the obvious..hubby, 4 kids, a dog, house..and everything in between.. I have been doing some spring cleaning. I should rephrase that. Winter cleaning in the spring. Since it's still is winter here in WI. 
I have been a Pinterest addict! Anything and everything that has to do with organizing and such has been on my mind! 
I also have bought and used some homemade cleaning products!!
Can I just say vinegar STINKS but man it sure can clean your bathtub like nobody's business!!!!  Just mix blue dawn and vinegar in a squirt bottle and BAM you've got your own chemical free cleanser!! 
You just have to be able to stomach the smell!!  It's worth it though. I am considering making my own laundry detergent. I haven't fully committed to it yet. 
It's economical and better for the environment. 
But I must say, I am a Tide and Downy snob. I love the smell and the way it makes the laundry feel. If I have to do a million loads, it at least has to smell great. 
Plus with the couponing I've been doing, I'm getting some fantastic deals on laundry soap, downy sheets and downy unstoppables. Aren't these life changing things to blog about???

I guess shifting my focus to all of that has helped me deal with the latest issues with Isaiah. He's gone through a lot as far as med changes, issues at school etc... 
I can't fix it. So when I know things are calm... I tune it all out. 
-Probably not the best way to handle it but it's working right now. Couponing, cleaning, organizing... it's all constructive. Knitting too..I was on a good roll with selling my ruffle scarves, I am praying that I can keep selling them. The extra money is helpful. In all my efforts I am trying to save us money. With making our own cleaning supplies and couponing and selling scarves.. I'm trying. As I said, it also serves as a way to tune things out. 
Well I guess that's all for today! I'm attaching some pics of scarves that are for sale, let me know if you are interested!