Saturday, August 10, 2013

What a week!!!

Darnell finished week 1 of radiation! YAY!!!

Isaiah had his neuro/psych eval yesterday. It was a LONG appointment but he was awesome and cooperated! The Dr was able to get through all the testing they needed to do. Now we will go back for results. Dear God~ please let there be ANSWERS that will lead to help and intervention! 

This week has been amazing. seriously. There aren't and probably never will be enough or the right words to thank everyone that is supporting us and praying for us. Darnell's short term disability is so behind it's not even funny. He's received ONE check since he's been off - his last day was June 18th. Yes there's tons of paper work yada yada yada but really? when he called earlier this week they said oh we are really behind.. well isn't that what your department does?? So they said they mailed out a check, well we still haven't seen one.  
with all that has gone on this week though, I know that all that is in God's hands. As frustrating as it is... I trust God. 


I swear it's an addiction. Jeremiah has already said that when he graduates and goes to college he's going to give me a list and have me go shopping for him so that I can get everything super cheap. Then his friend asked me if I'd shop for him too. LOL. If they only knew that so many other couponers are way better at it than I am. But I'm getting there. I got Gillette Shaving cream for $.67 a can at Target.  I am building up a stock pile big enough for our family to live off of and not be constantly in need of deordant or something like that. Then I also am buying things to donate. I bought 10 packages of Tena, pads women use for bladder control issues for less than $5 well prob less than that.. And then that gave me CVS extra care bucks to use in the store. I can donate those pads to Halo, a homeless shelter here in Racine. The group I'm a part of Rockin' Mommas are donating basic needs supplies to Halo so as I've been getting things for us for super cheap, I pick up extra for Halo. With the right coupon and sale, you can get so much for very little. 

I got all of that for $8.69 befor tax & saved $104.90!!

My absolutely awesome coupon binder that I don't leave the house without!

I got $10 CVS Extra Care bucks back that day to use at CVS and paid next to nothing!