Friday, February 24, 2012

Should be sleeping...

It's 12:36 a.m. Seriously, how am I EVER going to sleep normal? I'm convinced it's not going to happen. I slept all day. D was off and I just slept the whole dang day away. I am PATIENTLY waiting for some energy to flow thru my veins via the huge horse pills of Iron I take 3 times a day. They are all natural and need to start kicking things up a notch here pretty quick. 
I am so glad we went to Disney World. I am not so happy it took all of our tax return, however it was worth every single penny. I look back at the pictures and if I printed and framed every picture that is special, well my walls would be full. As a family, it was such a great time. And to go there w/ great friends, made it even better. D already has started saving for our next trip! We have those huge water jugs and we are doing our best to make sure every single penny,dime, nickel and quarter make it in there! 
Things w/ isaiah have been rough. It's time for some intense therapy I think. He may not like it, but I just can't sit back and watch him get worse. I don't know how he'll react, so I am just praying for a therapist that really can help him and us. 
Jeremiah has started weight training. His homeroom teacher is a football coach and asked him if he played football last year and he said no, well he got him started in weight training and he's going to play football this fall. I'm excited! It's going to be fun to see him play and I think really build his confidence. I need to find something for Isaiah too....not sure what though. To get all 4 kids involved w/ something, oh LORD, help me. 
I am ready for a change. I know that people say that we have to do something to start the change, but how exactly does one do that when you are stuck in depression? Where do you start?  I honestly need the Lord to guide me, show me, help me. I want to change, I want certain things to change and I just have a hard time seeing it come to fruition. I guess God is going to have to take the lead..