Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Walt Disney World!!!!!

We are back from Walt Disney World. It truly is a magical place! We had a  wonderful time and made lifetime memories. It was nice to come home, well sorta..haha. I DO NOT enjoy coming home to the weather. That is obviously no secret!  The weather was gorgeous the whole time we were there. I could get used to that! 
     I got a call from my dr.'s office while we there and I had had blood work before we left, well it turns out that my iron is so low that if it goes any lower I'll need a blood transfusion. I knew it was low, but not that low. It explains why physically I have felt HORRIBLE for the last few months. I have had NO energy or motivation to do anything. I deal w/ a lot of feelings of guilt because Darnell does so much around the house. He is quick to remind me that it is not because I am just being lazy or refusing not to do anything. I physically can't. I got a prescription for iron pills, but am considering getting some more natural iron pills. Something that won't tear my stomach up and all that. I am glad to know why I feel so crappy! 
Seeing the kids faces, hearing their laughter and excitement was priceless. I had a bit of a hard time keeping up, but Darnell was full of energy and made sure the kids got to do just about everything they wanted to do. I think we would need to stay a lot longer than a week for all 4 of them to hit every attraction. But we sure made a good dent in it! This trip was such a blessing. My mom was able to come w/ and share in the fun and memories. It's a trip we NEVER thought would happen for our family yet God had a different plan. It just goes to show that God does give you the desires of your heart. He is not just in the business of bailing us out of trouble or that kind of thing. 
My next goal is to lose this weight I have gained the last few months. Which right now seems like quite the mountain to climb seeings as I have the energy level of a rock. However, I fully believe as the iron pills start to work, I will regain some energy be able to focus on losing some weight!