Friday, June 8, 2012

It's the last day of school!!!! Jeremiah is taking his last 2 finals today. He will be a sophomore! I took him yesterday to get his temps from the DMV! He passed the written test 2 weeks ago but had to wait till June 6th which is his half bday. Umm.. I don't remember getting this old that I have a kid that can actually, legally get behind the wheel even w/ an adult in the car. I mean ok so I'm going to be 35 on Sunday so I guess I'm old enough but man I don't know where the time went. Haley is an 8th grader and Savannah a 7th grader. They are beautiful fun loving girls and just seem to love life. I love that. 

See? Care free on the trampoline w/ their bestie Libby! I have to say on a day like today, it feels easy to raise our kids because they are happy, carefree GOOD kids. Sure we have our issues, not saying it's all easy and tomorrow I might feel 100 % different but we are so blessed. and even on the hard days I have to remember that! 

I have been have a GREAT time w/ my hanging flower pots and planting flowers. 10 years ago I think I vaguely remember my mom trying to get me to buy flowers etc.. and I just was like yeah whatever.. lol.. now I love all of it. Partially because we have a great porch for it plus it just is a fun hobby for the summer!