Monday, July 16, 2012

18 years

So... Slightly, very embarrassed about my last post. I tend to blog at night & then the next day I wonder where I got the courage to post what I wrote. It's almost midnight . July 16th. Every year until last year that signified the anniversary of when Darnell & started dating. It still does. We have officially been together for 18 years. Wow, what an amazing ride it's been! I look forward to many more.
Last year things changed. A son of a bitch bastard took advantage of me. It changed me. It took something from me, that I'll never get back. The depression I've been in, the rut... Has just sucked the life out of me. I have questioned everything I've always believed.
However... In spite of it all I'm working my way back. I know God is with me. July 16th will always be Darnell & my day. No one can take that. I made a decision not to let it.
I won't lie and say it's an easy decision but it's one I've made and have to work at. I've got an awesome husband to support me as well as great friends & family.