Thursday, September 26, 2013


Darnell finished radiation on Monday. Praise GOD! 
At first it seemed like those 7 weeks would take forever but it went fast. Well for me it did, maybe not for Darnell.

I'm feeling so weird tonight. I don't know where to go w/ all the thoughts and feelings rolling around in my head. Knowing that the "medical" stuff is done is a relief. D can concentrate on healing. As his wife, I feel like I have watched him go through all this, trying to take care of him, make sure the kids are handling it ok, handle my own emotions... sometimes, like tonight.. it all feels like it's TOO much. I take a lot of what I hear and what people say to heart. I don't let it roll off my back. I try, but it's just not easy for me. 
We have lived through Haley's surgeries, we live with watching her deal w/ spasms and the horrible pain it can cause her. We live with Isaiah, and him acting in ways he can't control. I want to be mad and angry but it's hard. I can't control any of it. Which of course, anyone can tell you DUH, no one can control what happens. I just feel like there are too many balls to juggle. Too many hard, life changing things that we deal with on a daily basis that no one really gets. Seriously, who deals w/ a child w/ bladder spams and infections everything that goes along w/ bladder exstrophy? There is a small percentage. I tap into that group, but people we know have no idea. Trying to stay educated on Autism, specifically asperger's, how to deal with it, how to help Isaiah, how to help our other kids deal with him... I could go on and on.
Now sarcoma. another rare thing. something no one knows hardly anything about. 

The big things pass but all the little things are still there. the little things that turn into big feelings, big stressors...
I see how God is taking so much and turning it into Good things, but honestly, can he use someone else for a little while? I'm exhausted. Our family is exhausted. 

I am in no way not thankful for the blessings that have come out of the all the hard and seemingly hopeless situations. however I am human. I have real , raw emotions. I don't want to watch my husband and kids go through any more pain. that's the bottom line. so i give it all back to God. Even though I honestly am not feeling the "feel good" emotions of it, I choose to do that. It's a hard choice, but some days the little bit of faith I have is enough to get me though that day. And God comes through. Every time. 

So tonight, I'm sad and restless and really, no one can make it better or say anything that I haven't heard before or probably said to someone else that's going through a hard time. This blog is my outlet. 
honestly, i want to go sit on a beach and not think about anything. ha. not going to happen but that's ok. The video I posted ( if I did it right, is a glimpse of what radiation was like. Our awesome friend Ivan did this.