Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bible studies, Prayer, approval of others...

My girls have recently expressed that they want to do a daily devotion/ bible study with me. I couldn't be more pleased.  Savannah will be 12 on the 25th and Haley is 13. The fact that they feel comfortable enough to ask me to do this w/ them and that they even want to makes me happy. And not the kind of happy like I think my kids are all super spiritual. I'm just excited that they want to know more about God and living their lives to please God. So I am searching for a good bible study to do with them. Whether it be a book, something online etc..I just am praying that God will lead me to exactly the right thing.

They also have asked me to pray for them more. I feel very blessed to have kids that already believe in the power of prayer.  
Parenting is a tough job. And that's probably the understatement of the century. I just am thankful that we have a God that guides us and directs us. Also that we have a great support system and that we aren't doing this by ourselves. Everyone has their own "system" so to speak, but I know, at least with my close friends that we all have the same goal. And that is to see our kids grow up to be healthy, well rounded people who are grounded in their faith. We especially don't want our kids to get caught up in "RELIGION" All the do's and don'ts and rules and things that bring on guilt. I mean really, some of the things christians judge other christians for is just wrong. We are suppose to build each other up and I've seen so many so called christians just tear others down b/c we aren't doing everything they think we should. I believe in following what the Bible says and obviously living a life that will line up with what God has called us to do. However I think God will show us and guide each one of us what our own path is. We don't need others to convict us of the things that they think we are doing wrong, that is God's job. It's our job to listen to that still small voice of the Lord when he is telling us to do something differently. He knows us best. He created us for goodness sake. I trust that the Lord will show me and guide me in my walk with God. And that is what I pray for for my kids. 

I tend to be my own worst enemy. Don't we all?  I mean especially as mothers and wives...I have a hard time when I feel like people are mad at me etc...or when I sense that they don't want me around. God is dealing w/ me on this. And I can say he's in a way releasing me from certain situations that I can say, you know what, I don't need everyone's approval. I don't need to be waiting on something that's never going to happen. When I finally felt God sort of release me, I felt a huge weight off my shoulders. And it's not like I am fighting w/ anyone or whatever but it's a lesson learned. I can move on and when I feel myself starting to be too concerned w/ other people's opinion I can go back to God and I know he'll remind me that his approval is what I should be seeking. 
well I have gone on long enough...Guess I had more on my mind than I thought!!