Sunday, August 12, 2012


I have been thinking about our parenting style. Up to this point, I feel as if we have a pretty good grip on this whole parenting thing. Our kids are great kids, they are respectful and kind and compassionate and the kind of kids I am proud of. I am however starting to think about how to parent teenagers. Oh that stings a bit just to type, lol. We are heading into uncharted territory and there is so much out there that we can't protect them from. That part doesn't freak me out too much. Mostly because I feel like they have a stable enough home life that the world out there, although scary, they have their home as a safe haven. 
My goal is to be the kind of mom that parents w/ a purpose. I don't want to just wing it. There are some things that you just wing it because there aren't books or blogs or whatever to guide you through. I do want to have something to refer to. I do believe a lot of what I think we should refer to is the Bible. I just need to find some practical ways to do so. I want to find some decent bible studies to do with the kids. Isaiah is currently scheduled to go to a different school this year and I am praying I can get it straightened out. If not, I'm not sure what to do. A teeny tiny small part of me considered home school. But I feel like I'd be short changing him. I want him to get the best education and help him to overcome the obstacles he faces academically. 
Raising kids that are going to be productive and responsible, kind, compassionate is a tall order. I am thankful to have a fabulous partner to do this with. What I lack Darnell fill is the gap and vice versa. I pray that we will be able to raise our kids w/ the Godly principles that they can take with them into adulthood.