Friday, November 2, 2012


It's November! I love November. It means Christmas is right around the corner! We have lots of changes going on in the Hoaglund home! Jeremiah started his first job this week at O & H Bakery! I also started working again at O&H as well. I work in the mail order department w/ Darnell's aunt who runs it. His sister, and a few of his cousins work there too. I have worked there for 2 other Christmas seasons. The hours will be crazy but the extra money will be good. We also got a 2nd vehicle today! We've been praying for this for forever! Darnell's mom bought her sister's old car so we are buying his mom's car. It's such a huge relief. With me working I'd either have to get up before 5 a.m. to bring D to work or he'd ride his bike. It's just too cold for him to do that. God worked it all out. A month ago I had no desire to work but when I brought Jeremiah to fill out paper work at O&H I just felt like God was opening a door! I need this. 

Like most women I am struggling w/ my weight. I have gained quite a bit within the last year to 2 years. My forever optimistic husband is so encouraging, he said well the last several months you were sick and not able to do much and your hormones are messing with you. All of this is true. However, I started gaining weight long before I got sick. I need to get over whatever is in my head and lose this weight. I mean seriously. It's not just a vanity thing but a health issue as well. With my parents both being severe diabetics the odds of me becoming diabetic are so high. Anyways.. 
I literally have sat here for like 10 min trying to think of something of relevance to say.. and I got nothing! LOL.....