Saturday, November 24, 2012

Random thoughts on a Friday night

My mind is flooded with random thoughts from developing a plan of attack to get my laundry under control now that I am working to how I'm going to get the pain in my hip under control, I need to get the dog into the groomer, I need my hair cut, Savannah's getting her hair cut tomorrow, Haley will be next week, trying to keep Jeremiah's work schedule straight, making sure Darnell, Jeremiah and I have clean work clothes and the rest of the family have clothes for school.  See how random that is. Even gramatically I'm sure I just spelled that wrong and have a very long run on sentence in just the first paragraph! 
I thought I was organized.. WRONG. I am having a hard time adjusting I think. However it will work out, I'll get into a routine. Darnell and the kids always help me so much. I just need to get myself together! 
It's been kind of a rough week.. Isaiah's medicine, well one of them, wasn't refilled. Not because we don't have insurance or anything. All because of a form the Dr. needs to fill out and fax back to Walgreens and then they send it to the insurance company, problems solved. Well that didn't happen, then it was Thanksgiving and they were closed friday. So Isaiah's going on almost a week w/o the one medicine that keeps him the most balanced. I could just scream at someone for not doing their job and making sure this was taken care of. Apparently it's something that's done all the time.. I could go on and on. I'll spare you. bottom line is my boy is having one hell of a week and I hate it. I can't fix it. 
This is the part of parenting that is So freaking hard. I try my best to be on top of things, be educated etc.. but this kind of crap that's out of my hands.. UGH!!! 

Another thought I had today which I don't know how I came across this...who KNOWS??!? anyways.. I have come to the conclusion that I tend to be or feel socially awkward. Not in all situations but as I have been witnessing my lovely 12 year old daughter and her amazing ability to talk a million miles a minute and keep up a steady pace that she just may have gotten some of that from me. Yes,she is a Hoaglund, however there are some Wasik genes in this girl too. double whammy! So as I am witnessing her talk, and talk, and talk... I realize that i do the SAME thing. I go on and on.. I over explain things.. you get the idea. HOLY COW.. why didn't someone tell me? 
Well hold the phone... nevermind I'm glad no one did. this is the sort of thing one is better finding out on your own. less humiliation than what's already there. haha. So I am trying to think before I speak. Genius.. I know. 

So I'm working almost full time. I will be working full time and then some within the next week or two lasting thru the holidays. Financially this is great. For me this is a HUGE change of pace. before November, I spent the last 6 months or so sick and recovering from surgery. So I was a home-body. So i find myself thinking about the things I have to do and counting down to when I will be able to go home and stay there. But when I get home then the countdown begins of how long before I have to leave again. So weird. I guess it's just a period of adjustment and probably what will happen is I'll just be used to it all and the seasonal job will end and I'll be back to being a stay at home mom. It sure keeps things interesting, keeps me on my toes and honestly challenges me, forces me not to dwell on or in the depression that I deal w/ at times. 
For this season of life, life is crazy and fast paced all over the place. And I'm ok with that!