Thursday, December 5, 2013

work in progress

It's been a crazy year. I just am trying to get thought the days.

I'm working on getting a couponing blog.

I still can't sleep like a normal person. Jeremiah will be 17 on friday. I look at him and am full of love for him. He's absolutely becoming a man that I prayed he'd become, a man that will follow God. I can say though- I could cry that my sweet boy that I used to sing to is now taller than his daddy! I don't want the kids to ever stop calling Darnell Daddy.

I'm also working on getting super organized. I've been following some blogs, FB groups etc.. it's helping me get life organized. I hope to put together meal plans, make freezer meals.. make some good changes so that life in our house will flow.

Homeschooling- officially starting 2nd semester. TOOOOO much change and ups and downs these last months to have started school for Isaiah.

I am going to be (hopefully) starting a new blog.. one that is like so many I see that have pinterest buttons etc...

i'm going to bed.