Friday, July 16, 2010


Well, I am in no way trying to have a pity party for myself, this IS my blog, so I need to vent. Continue reading at your own risk and do not judge what I am complaining about because you just shouldn't, lol... First of all, we need NEW tires for our van BADLY!! there's a fuse or something out so our tail lights are out, our head lights are out so we have to use or brights, we have NO gas, no money for gas. WE energies sucks the life out of our bank account, and so that leaves no money for anything. I suppose I may be putting a voice to the same $$ problems so many others are dealing with but just might not be blogging/complaining about like I am. I would just like some finicial relief. can't even spell that, lol....D's stressed, I'm stressed...I have faith that God will provide, he always does I just am feeling very weary today. Oh and the registration on our van needs to be renewed. Kids will need school clothes in a month... I could go on and on, somehow blurting it all out sorta makes me feel better, less crap rolling around in my head I guess... It's been a rough week with Isaiah. I am very thankful it's not like it used to be, but he's gotten pretty worked up this week...time to adjust the meds I think. Well if anyone who may stumble across this, please if you will, say a prayer for our family. I believe God will work this out. Thanks