Wednesday, June 15, 2011

3 days into summer

It's the middle of June. It's in the 50's. what kind of crap is that? Today I casually mentioned that we should move to oh, I don't know, ANYWHERE but here. There are Time Warner openings in North Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee. However, we will not be moving any time soon. DANG IT!!!! I don't know if my desire to move is just me wanting to get out of WI to see new things, escape maybe, all of the crap that I seem to have to deal with here. Not crap really, just all the stress. But that stress is going to follow me. Isaiah's autism and other issues aren't going anywhere, same with my Chiari or bladder exstrophy for Haley. However, for at least 3 years I have wanted to move, every year I want to move even more. So I just don't know. But for now, here we are! 
It's 3 days into summer. I can't wait for Isaiah to start summer school, lol. He's bored to death already. I just can't keep him busy. I am trying my hardest to find things to do with him, he doesn't want to play games... it's so frustrating. I am still waiting to hear back from the State of WI on whether or not we qualify for more assistance for kids that are disabled. That would be awesome if we do. He'd be able to go to some camps, we would have in home thearpy to help with some of the stuff that I have NO idea what to do with.There's a bunch of other stuff too. But I have no idea when I'll find out. Darnell's been working some MAD overtime. By Sunday he'll have worked 17 hrs in a row! I love him!!!! He works so hard for us!