Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where DOES the time go???

It is HOT outside! Not complaining though, Last week it was freezing cold! The only thing that gets me is that we do not have A/C and the heat and humidity triggers big huge headaches for me. So, on the top of my prayer list right now is A/C. On Friday Jeremiah graduates from 8th grade. I am so proud of him. I still remember driving him to kindergarten. When they say the time goes fast, it's no joke. He's such a great kid. I mean, seriously, he's not mouthy, he's good, SO good to his siblings, he doesn't get in trouble, we haven't had any teenage crap from him. And we're almost 2 years in! lol. I don't care what anyone says, I have prayed for this boy since I was pregnant w/ him, I believe God has big plans for him, I believe He will do great things. It makes me want to cry when I look at his pictures from when he was so little and now he's so much taller than me. Savannah graduates from 5th grade! She has a ceremony on Thursday for being in peer mediation and on student government, I couldn't be prouder of her either. Every teacher she's had has had nothing but wonderful things to say about her! She is such a blessing. 
My birthday is Friday. This year I don't feel old really. B/c of this Chiari diagnosis, I actually feel young. To be diagnosed w/ something that is chronic~ it puts things in perspective. To be 34 and have this knowing it won't go away, I have to deal w/ these god awful symptoms for forever... yes 34 seems quite young. It makes me mad because I have things I want to do, normal every day things that when I get a headache or my neck is hurting, I can't do. I feel like I'm making it up, Oh I have a headache, it sounds so generic of an excuse when in reality, the "headache" literally makes me want to plunge a knife thru my eye to relieve the pressure. I am not exaggerating. anyways...I am waiting for the forms from the headache clinic to sign so that they can release my medical records to Froedtert. Then I can see a neurologist there. 
I have to say, inspite of it all, I am blessed. I don't have cancer or heart disease or something like that. My kids are awesome, Darnell and I are really truly still in love. We love and serve and awesome God. all the yucky stuff is par for the course in life. And now we even have the dog I've wanted for years!!