Monday, June 27, 2011

Incredibly blessed!

As I have been watching or rather observing my kids, I have seen a lot. And first and foremost, anything I say that is awesome about them~ all the glory goes to God. Seriously. There is NO way I am responsible for how awesome these kids are! They've been off school for 2 weeks now and I've noticed so much. For example, they don't fight. The girls have separate beds. Their bedroom is on the finished half of the basement, when I go downstairs to change the laundry, they are ALWAYS in the same bed. I think it is the most precious thing. They are so close. They have their moments, but 9 times out of 10, they get along are are pretty much BFF's. And also lately, Jeremiah and Isaiah have been falling asleep next too each other watching something on the discovery channel. I am glad that my kids are close. they play together, they spend time together. I am thankful that they are growing up with awesome family values. Now, in our world, anything and everything goes. there are no limitations or boundaries. For our family, that is not the case. last week I had to remind Isaiah that the way he was talking to me was absoltely not the way he is to talk to me. I am his mom and he will treat me w/ respect. He can be angry, that is not wrong, but how he reacts in his anger is what we need to work on. I will be darned if I will listen to my 7 yr old raise his voice at me or order me around.  I just am happy that our kids are happy. They are secure. They are growing up knowing God, learning about God, learning how to live a life in this world but not being a part of all the junk. They have good friends. 
Jeremiah has a work ethic that is so much like Darnell's. I hope he continues to work like that, especially in school. And the other kids aren't far behind. They are willing to help, w/o being asked, w/o complaining. I feel extremely blessed. We have a very balanced, secure family life. And that is because God has given Darnell and I wisdom on how to do that. Because honestly with all that has been thrown at us, you'd think we'd be living in the looney bin! lol. But instead, God has taken what satan meant to hurt us and turned it into great things that would glorify God. I have my days. I'm still dealing with trying to figure out how to function w/ chiari. I am now seeing that I seem to have "flare up " days. Last week I had 3 days that I cleaned like a fool and then I was hurting... neck, back, head... etc. which is very normal for CM. so I need to pace myself. Isaiah's had some rough days. I am trying my hardest to take it one day at a time.
Overall, I am overwhelmed by how blessed I am by my husband and kids. Our family is awesome. God is good. we have struggles, just like everyone else. However in spite of all of it, the good out weighs the bad by far. so, thank you Lord for your abundant blessings, your wisdom and strength you've given Darnell and I.