Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Lately I have been feel a bit OCD. Now, I am not entirely sure that when someone is OCD that they are even aware of it. So for example, I am finding myself unable to go to bed w/o making sure our bedroom isn't clean. Laundry put away, I have to make our bed, I like the covers to not be all a mess so that when I get into bed I feel like it's all smooth. Before I even come upstairs I have been cleaning up the kitchen, so that the dishwasher is going, everything is completely clean. Now I know some mom's that this is their normal nightly routine. For me, it wasn't always. But I feel like every night I add something to it and it's getting a bit weird. I'll lay in bed and if there's a load of laundry not folded that I know I could've left till the morning, I'll get up and fold it and put it away. Last week I totally took everything out of Isaiah's closet, reorganized it, did the same thing w/ our dresser. I went nuts collecting things for Goodwill. 
I do have some idea of where this is coming from. I have a lot on my mind. That is just my life. Which is fine. However everyone needs a coping mechanism. Mine right now is excessive cleaning. I can't control my health, but I can control my house. The one problem I have is that I can go for a day or two and clean and clean, and then my body hits a brick wall. BAM! My neck is killing me, my head is throbbing, and unfortunately the very thing that is fueling all this is stopping me from going any further in my pursuit to having or trying to have the "perfectly clean home". 
With all that being said, I am extremely blessed that my hubby and kids are 100% helpful. So it's not like I don't have help. I just don't ask for it. I'm stubborn. I want to do it myself. Well, yes I know, I need to get over that.
On the upside, the weather has been gorgeous. We got a trampoline which has been a God send for all the kids and keeping them busy. And now I need to go to sleep b/c my eyes are starting to get blurry!