Friday, October 9, 2009

Freaky friday, lol

It's Friday. Darnell is off. Last night I was asleep by 9 and slept until almost 11 this morning. I haven't been feeling the greatest, my tooth that needs to be pulled is causing me trouble, I called my dentist's office and the dentist himself called me back and said it sounds like there's an abscess, so he called in pain meds and antibotic. An abscess would explain the low grade fever I've had. I went on Savannah's field trip yesterday w/ her to Discovery World. It was fun. She is such a fun girl. Her good friend that she's always talked about went too of course and so did her mom, which worked out great because we got to talk and exchange numbers so now I feel completely comfortable letting Savannah go to her friends house. Sometimes it just kills me that they are getting older but it's also fun to see them grow and experience new things. My girls have a unique bond, literally like twins. To see Savannah branching out a bit is good. And Haley has too. But yet they are still so tight! I hope and am pretty sure they will always be so close. Haley has taken on the mama roll lately, especially w/ Isaiah. It amazes me how much my kids look out for each other. Last night they were all in the living room and they were CRACKING UP and playing, it was music to my ears. When Darnell is home, lol, it's even louder!! I feel incredibly blessed to have kids that love each other, they don't fight like a lot of siblings, they have their days, but on the whole, they get along famously. Darnell LOVES playing w/ them. God has truly blessed us. Monday is our 13th wedding anniversary. WOW...way back then life seemed so big and scary ( sometimes it still does, lol) but we have had a lot of good things happen and our fair share of not so good things happen. Haley being born w/ bladder exstrophy, 13 surgeries, Isaiah and his issues, but God is still good. Honestly, part of me wants to go back to all the people that thought we were making a mistake and say to them HA!! we have made it! 13 years later, we still love each other, our kids are amazing! But now that I'm older I realize that from other people's perspective, we were SOOOO young, having a baby, no did seem probably like a bad idea. But I wasn't going to not have Jeremiah and not live w/ Darnell. There's no way my mom would have let me live w/ him w/o being married. Even though I was 19, she wouldn't have approved. And we wanted to be married. I'm so happy we did get married. Darnell is awesome. I love him so much and I am thankful for the life I have w/ him.