Sunday, October 4, 2009

Great weekend!

Yesterday we went to Party on the Pavement downtown. It was a great day!! You can tell Racine is a small town.. every time we turned around we saw someone we knew. It was so much fun! The kids ( well not Jeremiah) got their faces was a bit chilly but all around a great day!!! Friday night Darnell ripped up the dining room carpet! The floors look good. They need to be sanded and restained and all that, but it's a HUGE step up from the stained carpet! I have been feeling better. I go up and down. It's like one minute all I want to do is sleep and then the next I am ready to go...I heard somewhere that depression is as real as cancer. It makes sense. But not to everyone. I at least feel somewhat validated. What we've gone thru w/ Isaiah is very the emotions and all that most people don't or may have a hard time relating to. Isaiah's doing much better, which I am soo thankful for. But I won't apologize anymore for being who I am.. which is: an emotional person, a mom who doesn't just let things roll off my back, a mom who has seen my son go thru so much that he didnt' have any control over, nor did I. I am not having a pity party, it just is what it is. It was the same w/ Haley. You don't watch your child suffer and not have a ton of emotions that run thru you. I am thankful for a supportive support system. One day at a time has a new meaning.. lol.. it's not just for alcoholics, lol...On a different note, the porch is coming along. What a relief to know it will be all done. I have a lot to be thankful for. Darnell is...there just aren't words sometimes for how much I appreciate him. He spoils me when I don't deserve it, he supports me, loves me..what more could I ask for. Next week is our 13 yr wedding anniversary! WOW...I think my favorite thing is watching him w/ our kids. I guess b/c I didn't have a dad, seeing him interact w/ our kids is truly amazing. God really has anointed Darnell. He's so good w/ kids. And our kids worship him, lol...well I need to get myself moving...Jules is coming over and we are going to hang out and watch a movie!