Sunday, May 23, 2010

Beautiful morning!

I am sitting in my new living room, from any of our front windows I can see Lake Micigan in all it's beautiful glory! Today the sun it out, the fog is starting to fade and it's gorgeous out. We still have another load or 2 at the old house. Then cleaning. I screwed up my back pretty bad. Friday I woke up and literally could hardly move. I was SOBBING it hurt so much. Felt like back labor that wouldn't quit. I ended up going to the chiropractor( who happens to own our new house, lol).. she adjusted me. Thank God. However I still can't do nearly as much as I''d like to, or my back starts hurting again. So, even though I wanted to get this show on the road and be done moving and be settled, it's going to take a bit longer. Oh well. Last night we went to Jodi and Jim Pritikin's for dinner. It was so much fun, the kids played outside the whole night, the 4 adults just sat around a fire and talked and laughed. It was a very nice and much needed break! Darnell had to go back to work today. I feel bad for him b/c I know he's exhausted from all the moving and knowing we still have a little bit more to go..We still have to get our washing machine over here and get our good dryer fixed and get it over here. Getting really backed up on laundry will NOT help the overwhelming feeling I already have! I feel like a new chapter is opening in our life. This one is closing and let me just say, I want to slam the door shut and never look back, lol...This season of transition is good. I know God has new things for us. And what's even better, it's not even June yet. We will be completely done w/ the old house by June 1st I will be seeing my dad again for the 2nd time in my whole life next weekend. summer is here, life is good. Well I am going to find the energy to start the day!