Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Change is good!

Well my life is just changing rapidly!!! We are moving, we are PRAYING we get this house we looked at on Michigan Blvd, when you look out the front windows, you see lake Michigan! We would have 2 wrap around porches, one on the 2nd floor, and then one on the main floor. It really feels like the right house for us. However, I am letting God take the lead. I have not felt this much relief or peace regarding our home/moving in a LONG time! Unfortunately the house we live in will end up in forclosure, even if we had decent enough credit, we wouldn't be able to buy it b/c the house isn't worth what's owed on it. So once we move, it will feel like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders! God works in such mysterious ways. I
I have been extremely irritable and crabby yesterday and today and I feel bad because I was kinda snarky to the kids. I always tell them I'm sorry nd ask them to forgive me for being unkind. My kids are awesome!

I have recently met thru another friend, a new friend , Genise . She is absolutely awesome. So genuine, caring, a very wonderful person.I am so blessed by the friends God has put in my life.
Well Ithink that's all today.. starting to get sleepy!