Thursday, November 4, 2010

Interesting Day

So.. we got pulled over today for our expired tags and no tail lights. Then the SHERIFF noticed that the tread on our tires is absolutely GONE. Normally when something like this my heart would have been beating and all that, this time, I was like, well.. ok. I am not thrilled that we got tickets, but if we get new tires we can go to court and they will work with us. We don't have money for new tires! I immediately started feeling guilty about going to Florida. Then a good friend remdined me that guilt is not from God. Whether we need new tires or whatever, I still need a break. There's always something going on. If I waited until everything was perfect and peaceful, well I'd never even leave the house. Plus it's not an expensive trip. So.. in the meantime I am praying that God will provide. He always has, always will.
I have the cold my kids had and feel crappy. Ahh..a day in the life...hahha
we went to Haley's first parent teacher conference. She's doing very well!!! The transition from elementary to middle school has gone well. I am relieved. Well that's all I got.