Monday, November 15, 2010

Just a few more hours!

I leave in a few hours!! Everything is done! All the laundry, packing, house is clean( thanks to my awesome hubby and kids) I made a crock pot meal that should last 2 days. I think I have all the bases covered. I have to get up sooo early so D can take me to the airport and get back to get the kids off to school. I am so very thankful for this vacation. The good Lord knows I need it! I am afraid to go to sleep because I don't want to oversleep! I already took a shower and have everything out that I'll need in the morning. I was starting to let my nervous/happy energy get to me... I was trying to renew my library books and either I completely have lost my mind and forgot the pin number or something is up w/ the system. So I spent a rediculous amount of time trying to figure that out. Well I didn't. So.. oh well. I think I over packed. But I'm organized and ready so I'd rather have stuff I don't need that forget something! I think I am still in shock that I am actually going. It's so surreal. I have literally been WHINING for months about needing a break.. a real vacation... I told Darnell I wanted to get on a plane and leave this well he made it happen. Well God made it happen, and used Darnell to get it going. My mom and Aunt Linda are helping w/ the kids when D's at work. That gives me a huge sigh of relief b/c I know they'll be fine. It will be interesting to see me being gone effects the kids. Sometimes I feel like they don't need me... but as I was getting stuff ready I realized how much I had to take care of, just little things that mom's do and remember. I am sure I will come home refreshed and relaxed and ready for the Christmas season! well I should try and sleep. haha.. I doubt it though!