Saturday, November 20, 2010


Yesterday we went to the beach. I have no idea which direction we went, however the beach is called Melbourne Beach. we ate at a restaurant sitting outside over looking the Atlantic Ocean. OMG!!! Ok to some, that may not be a big deal, but this Wisconsin Girl thought it was down right amazing. It makes me appreciate even more all that God has created. I get so stir crazy sometimes, like there's so much out there to see, but I can't see any of it. Well right now I am seeing some of it and I'm thrilled!!! The weather is perfect. I don't go home for a week, well technically 6 days. I miss everyone. I am still having a fabulous time. I really think, for me, this vacation was a complete God send. The night I had a HUGE meltdown and Darnell said, OK... time to send you away..hahah. .not really, not for forever.. but he knew I had hit my limit. So here I am. 10 days seems like a little long maybe to go away from my kids and husband, however after several years of soooo much junk happening, one thing after another, not much time to ever catch my breath, 10 was needed. I KNOW I am going home w/ a different mind set. One that I would not have been able to attain w/o a break. On so many levels, I needed this. As an adult, a 33 year old at that, I have never really done 1 single thing on my own, just as ME. Most of the time I am totally fine with that. I wouldn't want it any other way. But I think every mom/wife who started off young, needs this kind of experience to sort of see who you are, aside from a mom and a wife. I am appreciating what I have waiting for me when I get home. I am appreciating this time away. It's a good balance, a good way to be refreshed. And, really, on our budget, God made this happen. We don't have the kind of money for vacations. But God made this possible. Darnell worked his ass off so I could do this. My mom, my aunt, have willingingly pitched in to make this happen. Aaron and Meg have been wonderful, gracious hosts. I am loving being here. And it makes even that much better knowing what I am going home to. Of course I will piss and moan about winter, because of course I hate winter, but this year, I don't think it will be as bad. Christmas is right around the corner. God is GOOOOOD!!!!!
Darnell left me 8, yes 8 little love notes in my suitcase that I just discovered today. I didn't unpack everything so I found a couple then realized there were more. I couldn't stop smiling. I can't imagine my life w/o my love. Darnell, you are the love of my life. God picked you just for me. I used to rack my brain trying to figure out why. Well I think I know sorta why, b/c he knew you'd love me for ME. All my faults, all my junk, my starbucks addiction and all. I trust God and I no longer feel like I don't deserve you. God brought us together and who the heck am I to challenge that? I love you more than I could ever ever express. You truly are my best friend. I love you. good night!