Monday, November 1, 2010

November 1st ALREADY

Can you believe it's November already? I can't. I am glad though. it's been quite a year. Just w/ moving it has been an eventfull year. It has turned out well though! I leave 2 weeks from tmrw for Florida. i am so excited I can barely stand it. I am still in awe that number 1, it was Darnell's idea, and that I am actually going! I have been going on and on for MONTHS about going somewhere, and not just driving an hour away, like actually getting on a PLANE and flying somewhere! I did not expect it would really happen! God is good. darnell has spoiled me sooo much. I no longer feel guilty for it. I tell him not to , he tells me to be quiet, lol. I just want to be as good of a wife as he is a husband. I know God will show me the time and place when I can do things for Darnell that will give show him how much I appreciate him.. He's not at all materialistic.. so it's hard to buy him things. Buying me a coffee can brighten my whole day, sad but true. So, I will do my best to be the best wife I can be.

3 out of 4 kids stayed home sick today. Isiaiah's the only one that went to school. And it's a good thing he did. He needs to get back in the routine. Yesterday afternoon was HORRID. He was raging, digging his finger nails into may arm... not fun. And it is incredibly hard to watch him go thru it b/c I know he doesn't have control. But God does. So I'll leave it at that.

Today I picked up a few books I had on hold at the library. I Love reading and especially in the winter.

Yesterday we went to the Priikin's for a halloween party. It was so much fun. We ate, drank a bit of wine, spit pumpkin seeds, the kids trick or treated, the adults sat around a was a blast!!!