Saturday, May 7, 2011

My Babies!!!!!

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. I am struggling with what is going on in my life. This "illness" or whatever you want to call it is kicking my butt this week. And it is really bringing me down. However, I need to choose to focus what Mother's Day is about. What made me a mom? My 4 awesome kids. Jeremiah is 14 and at the end of his middle school years. I can not believe he's already this old. He's so tall, so handsome, so sweet. He is my boy. My heart fills up with love and pride when I think about Jeremiah. When I was pregnant w/ him I was so scared because I had no idea how to be a mom to a boy, but obviously w/ God's help, a great daddy, now I have this most wonderful son. 
Haley. My beauty. She is beautiful inside and out. And what makes her even more beautiful is that she has NO idea how gorgeous she is. She is smart, she is thoughtful, she does everything with excellence. Given all she has been thru, and dealing w/ bladder exstrophy, I am so proud of her. We have done our best to raise her to be like any other kid. We didn't treat her differently just because she had a disablity. We didn't hold her back. I'm in awe of the wonderful young lady she is becoming. 

Savannah~ our firecracker!!! And I say that with all the love in the world. she is such a good girl. When I was pregnant w/ her, it was a bit touchy because I had the girls so close together and w/ Haley's surgeries etc.. WELL... God knew what he was doing!!! Haley and Savannah are best friends!!! Savannah is funny and care free and the life of the party. She can ad lib( much like her daddy) her sense of humor is awesome! And she also has such a sweet, thoughtful side to her. She has quite the helpful side to her. She loves to help others, I see what joy it brings her to know she has been helpful to someone else w/o getting anything in return. She also is my cuddle bug. She holds my hand still. she holds Haley's hand if Haley is having bladder spasms. It is very heart warming to see this in my children. Isaiah. My baby. He will always be my baby. It's been a rough road, but he is so loving. I love to watch him w/ little kids and babies. He's so gentle and loving. He's helpful and careful. With as many obstacles that he faces, he has a side to him that we get the privledge to see. The giggle that is sooo wonderful that is contagious, how he makes his bed and arranges all his stuffed animals just so and is so proud of himself. I love how he will sit on the couch and lean on Savannah when they are watching a movie or how much he looks up to Isaiah. All of our kids are so loving and beautiful and I am blessed to be their mom. I am so grateful that God picked me to be their mom. Some days I don't feel worthy of the task, but God saw something in me and Darnell and it all fits together. I know I'm not perfect and make mistakes just like any other mom, but when it comes down to it, my hearts desire is to raise 4 kids that will live their lives to love the Lord, make good choices, be happy, live for the Lord. What more could a mom want?