Saturday, May 28, 2011

To My Love

After almost 17 years, Darnell, you still give me butterflies. I can look into your eyes and see what I saw so long ago and what I fell in love with and it's still there. Now I see it in our children's eyes. I see you in them. I look at you and my mind is filled with memories of those first days and weeks of being together, feeling like we couldn't be away from each other. You have always gone the extra mile or two for me. In all these years, that hasn't changed. In the beginning it was just about us. Then it quickly changed and it was about our children. I love to see you with them. They adore you. And what's even better, is you adore them. You cherish them. THe way God intended. You are teaching our boys to be Godly men and future husbands and our girls to not settle for a man that is anything less that a man like you. I love how you love me unconditionally, no matter how I look, how crabby I get, how sick I am....I see the love in your eyes and I know in my heart that God hand picked you for me. I feel blessed to be your wife, to share this life with you. To raise these awesome kids. I remember when we were first dating and we'd talk about having a family some day~ look at us now! I am sitting here typing and you are laying here next to me peacefully sleeping. I praise God every day for you, I pray for you and I love you.