Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 2

Day 2.

So this is what it is like to have only 1 child. All I can say is WEIRD!!! Jeremiah left for camp yesterday morning and the girls left for "Project Go" w/ Pastor Jen. Yesterday D and I walked to the zoo w/ Isaiah. Of course it was hotter than haites..then in the evening D had softball so I took Isaiah down to the beach w/ Jack and we walked along the shore. Needless to say, Jack doesn't like water. And I don't like Jack rolling around in sand after he's been in water. lol. 
I was talking w/ Isaiah, trying to connect w/ him. It's very hard. He will give hugs, I love yous, but to truly connect w/ him is really hard. He was saying that he didn't know what to do...I said well it's past 8:30p.m. we've done everything we're going to do for the day, then I asked him, just to see what he'd say. What do you like better, for things to stay the same always or for things to be different even just a little. He said, and very aggressively I might add, THE SAME!!!! That struck a nerve. He's a different school for summer school, were trying to introduce the possibility of him going to Wadewitz in the fall. He's not liking any of it. This week w/ everyone gone, he's really turned upside down! My little love. 
How I wish I could read his mind, feel his feelings, just so I could know what to do to make things go smoother for him.
Our brakes went on our van. That's going to be a $250 job, which isn't bad considering my uncle is getting the parts at his cost and my cousin is putting them in, however we won't have the $$ till a week from Thursday. Which means no van till then. I get a little nervous.. I mean this week it's no big deal w/ the older kids gone, but next week when they come back and everything goes back into full swing again. I must say, 10 years ago or more, I would be crying right now. Car trouble to me used to be the end of the world. Thankfully God pulled me through that! So at the very least the kids might miss a few activities... life as we know it will not end! Not like I once thought it would! 
It's funny to look back at what used to stress me out and what stresses me out now. 14 years ago, it was if we'd have enough $$ to buy Jeremiah diapers, now it's making a million dr appts and the different health issues. 
Well I think it's cereal for dinner.