Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Summer of YES

If you are like me and have children and get asked a MILLIION questions a day...after awhile, you really do get tired of saying no. So I have decided that this summer I am going to try and say YES more than I say NO. 
Let me explain.I don't me Yes to the things that will turn my kids into spoiled brats or let them get away w/ highway robbery. But more Yes' to things like, "mom, can we put make up and do a pretend fashion show?" Normally I'd say NO. Why? well because It just sounds like it's going to turn into a mess. But really, so what? 
Another one is "Can we eat our lunch on the trampoline?" again, I'd say no. And honestly, I don't have a good reason for saying no other than you eat lunch at the table, not on a trampoline. But what harm will it do? There's a ton of ants out there already anyways right? So they eat on the trampoline, think it's awesome and no harm done. So you get the idea. When I said YES to Savannah when she asked me about the makeup/ fashion show she was so excited and I got a big fat I LOVE YOU. That's not why I said I yes, but just benefit. 
It's occuring to me that there will be a summer when the kids will be off working and all in their own direction and i won't have my them asking for these kinds of things. I will regret saying No when I could have said Yes.