Sunday, July 10, 2011

Have you ever looked at your children and just can't get over at how beautiful they are? And not in the vain way, like oh they look like me sort of way...I'm talking, Look at what God created? Our 4 kiddos came out of the womb looking fabulous, just about. I'm not being prideful, just honest. It's true what they say, mixed babies are gorgeous! haha. The one catch was.....ready for it, 95% of the time, everyone said that they all, all 4 of them looked like Darnell or someone on his side of the family. Which isn't a bad thing obviously b/c we have gorgeous kids. But can't a mom catch a break once in awhile? lol... Well.. for the record there were a select few that thought  one of the girls looked just like me etc..and now as they are getting older they are starting to resemble me more. And who they look like isn't so important really, it's just amazes me at how God created these intricate human beings that have this little feature of Darnell's and this one from me. Or Savannah can make one pouty face and look just like me (surprise surpise)or Jeremiah, with his voice changing can sound almost like Darnell. That is what I love about having a big family. You see so much of each other all over the place. And even in the extended family.
I see so much of my cousin Jordan in Savannah. That vibrant, fun loving spirit in her just like him.
Haley and Jack

Darnell and Jeremiah in the pool! 
My good friend Ruth and I out for my Bday!

A great view from our porch! 

The Picture I took from our upper porch from the huge storm the hit.. I sent it into the Racine Journal Time and they published it!