Saturday, September 24, 2011

So Very thankful!!!

It's officially fall. I love fall. I love the smell of the crisp fall air, the smell of leaves, people having fires. I especially love the changing colors of the leaves. They are so beautiful and every one is different. I love that it's apple picking and pumpkin farm season. It's just a great time of year. The only thing I probably like least about it is that it means winter is coming next. But, you can't have one w/o the other! 
I've been doing laundry all day. Haley cleaned the kitchen and bathroom floors. She also straightened up the dining room. She is my little mama. It was nice tonight to have a clean house, my cinnamon stick candle burning and listening to the kids giggle and just be kids. As I was doing laundry the thought crossed my mind, how many times have I put these same pair of pants away in the Isaiah's room? But I wasn't feeling negative about it. Quite the opposite. I love taking care of my family. I love making sure they have clean clothes, clean bedding and a cozy home. For as much complaining as I may do, in reality I wouldn't have things any other way. Today I found a plastic magnifying glass in the dryer, along with a button and a bobby pin. All the things that are reminders that there are kids in the house. Something I won't take for granted. Especially with Jeremiah in high school, the girls in middle school...time goes by so fast. Right now my girls may be in middle school but they are still so much little girls. They are still innocent and free from worry. I wish I could keep them that way. But since I can't, I will do my best to enjoy the time I have while they are all still at home and happy. 
Despite the many struggles we may face, I am acutely aware of how incredibly blessed we are. I have a faithful, hardworking, loyal husband who adores me and our children. We have wonderful families and friends. I need to concentrate on these things more often. 
Tomorrow I might make an apple pie or some chocolate chip cookies. I'm sure the kids will want to help. I know when they are grown up they will have memories of mom baking from scratch, baking goodies for them to enjoy. These are all the things that I want them to remember.