Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Catching UP

I had a root canal today. I think I'd rather have given birth. Seriously. It took like 8 shots at least, to completely numb the area for the dentist to do what he had to do. I hate dental work. Now i need to save money for the crown. It never ends!!!
Tomorrow I see Dr. J. He ordered the MRI on my back and did the test for the carpal tunnel so I should get some answers as far as the course of action...Then on Thursday I have my epidural shots in my neck. I really feel like an old lady, lol. 
It is a season of change. Isaiah is in underwear. His toileting behavior has not changed, but we decided it's time to push him out of his comfort zone to see if he'll respond accordingly. 
My relationship w/ God has been renewed. When I was in Florida, I was prayed over and prayed with and feel like God just breathed fresh air into me. I'm not saying all of my issues are gone or that I am not going to have my days, but I feel better. I feel like God is in control and I am in touch with that. I know he's got some great things in store for us. It's kind of exciting to see how it will all play out. 
Darnell's schedule went back to Sun-Wed. Which means bringing the kids to church on sunday mornings is left up to me. UGH!! If the situation w/ Isaiah wasn't so unpredictable, It would be fine. But that's just not the case. I have an appointment made for him~ I think he needs a med change. He's starting to get physical again and rage more. And w/ my health issues being unpredictable, well let's just saying planning anything is darn near impossible. I'll give it my best shot. I know that's what God wants from me and I'm happy about that. 
I'm thankful for my beautiful family, my awesome best friend, Julie. After 22 years, she still amazes me by how she still takes the time to call and text me.. She's been right by my side these last few months and I couldn't have gone thru it w/o her. well and of course she's not the only one but today I'm just feeling the love for my BFF, lol. 
Time to sign off.