Saturday, October 29, 2011

Productive Saturday!!!!

Today I felt like a normal mom/wife. I had another great morning. It feels good to feel good and not feel like I am unable to do things that I want to do with my kids. Our house was filled with laughter, the smell of chocolate chip muffins that Savannah helped me make. Darnell was playing Yahtzee with the other kids while I was in the kitchen baking. I had pandora radio on the iPad going and felt right in the world. Then Jeremiah made pumpkin bread. He loves to bake, so he wanted to make it by himself. I sat on the stool and helped if he needed it. 

After the baking was done I started cleaning the windows, something that I have not done in months! Darnell had to finish b/c I can't reach the top ones. So not only did the house smell like yummy treats but it also smelled clean. Can't beat that combination. The kids just came in from outside. They smell fresh and like "outside".I love that!! These are the kind of Saturdays that I love. 
I was able to forget about any of the pain I've dealt w/ all week long and just be a mom. This is something I do not take advantage or take lightly. Tomorrow I may or may not pay for everything I did today, but I can't live my life doing nothing and worrying about how I "might" feel tomorrow. I need to be smart about it but definitely not but overly cautious. 
So now Darnell has mac-n-cheese in the crock pot for dinner. Thank God for a great day!