Friday, October 28, 2011

Great morning

This morning I woke up feeling better than I have all week!! The kids didn't have school & Darnell's off on Fridays. Amazing, the kids weren't busting into our room really early! PTL! It was nice to lay in bed & cuddle w/ D. One by one the kids would knock on our door with a series of questions "Can I play a game on the play station " from Jeremiah... "Can I play in the iPad from one of the girls", " Can I go on the computer ?" lol!! Needless to say there's not a lack of things to do contrary to what they sometimes may think.
We decided to make a bigger breakfast- home made pancakes, sausage & I made crepes for the first time! D went to the store while I was cooking- brought all the kids with him. Bless his heart! It felt good to be cooking for my family, having everyone home & for the first time this week I didn't wake up w/ a headache or horrible neck pain!
I'm very thankful for that & do not take it for granted. I am blessed!