Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The tail of laundry in the Hoaglund home

Well today was MUCH better than yesterday. Yesterday I never even got dressed. I have decided in this blog to be brutely honest. So look out...haha..I feel like the whole weight of Isaiah's IEP not going well hit me. It means I have to fight some more just to get Isaiah into a class that will suit his needs. Why is that so hard? Tonight I will not go and on about all the crap, I will just say that I think it sucks that unless your child is climbing the walls and can barely talk they won't qualify for crap! I folded a ton of laundry and even took a pic of it and uploaded it to facebook. Why do I do things like that? To prove to everyone how much laundry I do? LOL..I just think it's funny to see 1 load of white clothes lined up all along the end of my queen size bed, organized into each child's pile, Savannah's pile can only have 1 kind of sock because she refuses to wear ankle socks, I had to use a sharpie to mark the end of Darnell's socks because Jeremiah's feet are so big now that they can share socks..Isaiah has like 3 different types of socks.. I think I am the ONLY one who has one style of socks, adidas ankle socks. I just spent 5 minutes typing about this what motherhood is? Well not entirely, but it's a part of it. I would be lying if I said it doesn't give me some sense of accomplishment when I know my kids don't have to go searching for socks or underwear or clothes. I know it sounds crazy...but now that they are older and don't need me as much, I feel like I'm doing something still for them...I love being a mom.