Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2 Days!

2 more days till the kids go back to school! Just a little bit excited! Although I don’t think it has completely hit me that Haley is starting middle school. WOW!!
So it’s been on my mind about a woman’s body image. We all struggle with it. And if you don’t, you are probably lying. Ha! I have lost a lot of weight due to gastric bypass, but have put on about 40 lbs. Not good. It really does a number on your mind..and emotions. So what it boils down to and I’ll be the first to admit it is that you start comparing yourself to other women. Again, if you don’t do that, either you are extremely secure in yourself, or you are a bold face liar. Just saying….
Yesterday Julie took GOREOUS pics of us. I wanted some good ones of Darnell and I. Of course they turned out beautiful but I did catch myself many times critiquing(sp?) myself. When REALLY these pictures are a forever momento for us, our kids, our family for generations, God willing. No one is going to be obsessing about the things I am.. Or if they are they do not know the real meaning of family, haha…I put myself thru such a roller coaster emotionally, one day being all hyped up about zumba, eating right, drinking tons of water..etc.. then I have other days where I could care less. I really need to find a happy medium. Again I have a goal.. Once the kids are back in school I want to get into a routine. I don’t want to waste my time or my days. So I am going to post a few pics Julie took…totally beautiful!