Sunday, August 15, 2010

Nice Sunday

Today was a good day! Last night the girls had their friends sleep over. Isaiah slept till 11 a.m.!! Nice! I made chocolate ganache cupcakes. They were good. My mom said I am back to my old self. Savannah is in the bathtub pretending she is a mermaid. Haley told me to write that, haha. But when my iron was so low and I was sick I didn't bake at all. My mom always says I am like my grandma, she was a really good cook/baker. When I bake and cook I feel close to my grandma. Plus I love cooking and baking for my family. Being a wife and mom can be draining yet so rewarding all in the same breath. Today Jeremiah and Isaiah went to my mom's and did yard work. Jeremiah is like an inch and a half taller than my aunt sheila. She wasn't too happy about that, hehe... Darnell's mom bought Jeremiah's school shoes and he had to get a size 12 in mens! OMG!! he's gonna be tall like his daddy! I went to get the boys from my mom's house and when we got home Darnell was home from work and he had done the dishes from my mess I made from making cupcakes! He really is awesome. I absolutely love him so much!!! He works hard for us, he helps me at home, he doesn't complain. I am the big complainer, lol.. gotta work on that. Darnell is generally a very positive person, and I need to be more like that. Tomorrow morning, I do NOT have to get up and take anyone anywhere!!! for 2 whole weeks, I don't have to do any major running around!!! I really want to enjoy the last 2 weeks of summer. Hopefully it won't get so blasted hot again. On Labor day weekend my dad will be here!! I can't wait to see him. Plus I'll be getting together w/ my brothers and their families. It's so crazy that I will meet them, meet my nieces and nephews! Since Jeremiah was born everyone has said how much J looks like Darnell, now we see such similarities from my dad's side of the family. Who woulda thought? I have to say, my babies are gorgeous! No matter how old they are, they'll always be my babies. No matter how ornery I get, how crabby, at the end of the day, my kids and Darnell are my world.