Thursday, August 26, 2010

what a day!

It's 2:37 a.m. Why am I still up? well because I spent almost 7 hrs going to and from children's hospital w/ Haley. here's the short version.. she went to church sunday evening to play dodgeball, she didn't fall, get hit,NOTHING, but came home saying her hip hurt. Now, because of her surgeries to repair her pelvic and hip bones when she was younger, I am always cautious about any kind of pain she has. we waited it out a couple of days, iced it, kept her off of it a bit, but it was getting worse. So today I decided I better bring her in to get it checked. And of course I can't bring her to the hospital here in Racine. With her extensive and unique medical history, they would have almost no idea how to deal w/ her or misdiagnose her. I was going to wait until the mornign, then I figured I mine as well bring her in. It's amazing how God gives you those motherly instincts. In January when we brought her in for pain in almost the same spot they didn't find anyting except, for lack of a better more medical explaniation, a funny spot on her hip bone. It's the same spot now that is bugging her. You can see it on the xray and when they examined her that's where the pain is. Normally that shouldn't cause a problem, but we have learned that it seems our family is always the exception, not the rule, lol.. so if the pain doesn't subside after staying off of it and tylenol we may need to bring her to the orthopedic surgeon who did her original surgery for an MRI. However, for tonight, she is home safe and sound sleeping peacefully. When we were in the ER, one of the nurses that took care of her when she was 2 was her nurse tonight. She spent SOOOO much time up there from 2001-2002, we had a few nurses that were practically like family. They made the time there bearable. They made it easier for Darnell and I to go back and forth, they absolutely LOVED Haley. they would fight over who was going to be her nurse. And who wouldnt'? lol.. So.. my feathers are not too ruffled, I'm tired but feeling good for the most part.
Today, well technically yesterday the 25th was Savannah's 10th bday. WOW... my baby girl is in double digits. she is an amazing kid. she entertains herself, she is SOOO thoughtful, so easy going, and she's a riot. the family comedian! She is the biggest daddy's girl I have ever seen. she is just crazy for Darnell. it's precious. I am so thankful that our kids have a daddy that they love, that is a good example, he takes an active interest in them, and it's not out of obligation, he geniuenly (sp?) wants to know how their days go etc...Our girls will hopefully find a man who is like him, he treats me like a princess, so hopefully they will see that that is how you treat a woman. He's not over the top, but they see how a loving husband looks like and the boys will hopefully learn from Darnell's example on how to be a loving, caring, FUN daddy and husband someday! Who could ask for more? As I see other parents, I wonder what people think of me when they see me... I am working on my outward apperarnce. I have gone for so long w/o doing my hair, wearing makeup etc.. that it's time for me to start kicking it up a notch. I also am committing myself to doing zumba regularly. I also think I need to take more time for myself, quiet time to pray, etc... My mom has always been a good example to me on how to be an awesome mom. I hope someday my kids will feel the same way about me. I am blessed that I can stay home with them. Of course it's difficult finincially sometimes, HOWEVER God always provides. My place, my ministry is to be at home w/ my children. to be Haley and Isaiah's advocate, their voice for their disabilities, to be there for Jeremiah and savannah as they deal w/ having siblings w/ issues and to support Darnell. Someday I do want to be a nurse. Right now though, my place is at home. To some that may be old fashioned, but this is what's right for our family. So.. since I am rambling on and on.. I will be done. I need to go to sleep. Less than a week till school starts!!!