Monday, August 9, 2010


In the last week, God has provided in some incredible ways! It seems as if things are coming together! I am completely humbled by how God provides and who he uses to bless people. My girls are at camp and having a blast I am sure! Darnell got his raise, he got some overtime too. School starts soon, woo-hoo! Isaiah is on new meds and man is it hard on him. He had a rough morning. It was like a flash back of last summer. I am hoping the rest of the week goes better. Life is unpredictable w/ him. I have this book on how to deal w/ difficult kids. To even admit that you have a difficult child is hard. And, even harder to realize I will always have a difficult child unless something changes drastically. The saying" One day at a time" takes on a whole new meaning.
I watched a documentary on the homeless that live in Orange County, CA. Very very sad. These families that live like a block away from Disney land but live in a hotel room. Whole families living in a one room place. The kids have nothing to look forward to, they have so many life experiences that are so sad. Makes me very appreciative for my family and what we have!!