Tuesday, August 31, 2010

And so it begins!

Tomorrow is the big day! Jeremiah's last year of middle school, Haley's first day, Savannah's last year of elementary and Isaiah's first full day in first grade! A lot of milestones! We have been extremely blessed by our mom's helping us out w/ school supplies etc... then we got 2 checks in the mail I wasn't counting on getting so we were able to get a few last minute things and got some good deals! Today I spoke w/ Isaiah's teacher to give her a head's up on his situation, then I talked w/ the nurse at the Real school for Haley and cathing. I REALLY have taken for granted the last 6 years for her to be able to go to the nurse, cath and that's that. Now that she's older and at a different school it's not quite as easy for her to cath privately..there isn't a nurse's office w/ a private bathroom for her to go and take care of things. However she has an uncanny abiblity to really adjust well. The only thing that rattled her was the thought of walking home from the bus stop alone. We assured her she won't have to walk home alone. It's funn b/c when you're kids get older and you think they need you less, in reality, they really still need you. It makes me think of kids that have parents that don't soothe their kids, aren't there to make them feel better. I am happy my kids are able to come to us and tell us how they feel.
I have been in a weird spot lately. Isaiah's behavior over the last few weeks have taken it's toll on me. I have an appt. wednesday evening w/ my cousnelor. I so so so need to get myself together. I feel like one minute I feel on top of the world, the next the world is crashing down around me,...Ido however think w/ the kids getting back into school will help and get things a little more on schedule! I am givng the whole situation w/ Isaiah to God. I am prayng that his experiences are good, his anxiety is low..
My dad will be here this weekend! And w/in the next week or so we'll prob be getting together w/ my brothers and their families. Still kind of in shock w/ all that. I hope we can all bond(sounds cheezy I know).. but how often does a person get the chance to connect w/ siblings you never knew? Now days, w/ the economy being in the toilet, people losing jobs, homes, etc.. family is what it is all about. Thankfully the our families are awesome, we are definately blessed by them. so it's all in God's hands.

I am going to start training for a triathalon. It's not for a whole year, but that gives me plenty of time to lose some weight, get in shape, etc.. it also gives me someting to work towards. With the kids being in school I am HOPING to get into a routine of working out.. we'll see...