Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I exercised 2 days in a row! yesterday me and the boys went for long walk, we ran up and down a set of 50 stairs..I made it up and down 4 times.. felt like i was going to pass out when i was done, lol..Today I went to zumba right down at the beach. I made ( my kids words) the best dinner EVEr tonight. Plus today I got a bunch of paper work taken care of. feels good.

So, I know I am always so sappy and mushy about Darnell. However, he really deserves it. This morning he left me a sweet message on my facebook wall. Then after work, he came home and w/ the girls, listened to Miley Cyrus and cleaned the kitchen completely! He said they were singing and cleaning, lol.. I went to barnes and Noble to chill. Darnell needs to teach classes on how to be a fabulous dad and husband. He is soo patient w/ me, w/ my issues, lol...I just am so blessed.
I was reading the book " The Bipolar child"...well if that didn't confirm Isaiah's diagnosis, nothing will. So much of what I read is Isaiah to a T. right down to him obsessing about being bored. Even that was in the book!!! I feel validated. It also said it's soooo typical for families that deal w/ this to sort of suffer in silence b/c most bipolar kids save all their rage and crazy behavior for home. It's the most comfortable place for them to let out their emotions. So when someone says, oh he's so cute and nice...etc... well I want to say that's all wonderful, but right before we got here he tried to take me out w/ a remote control b/c he chucked it across the room. I absolutely feel so good knowing that isaiah's diagnosis is correct. Dealing w/ it is a differnt issue entirely.. but for now, just knowing more about it helps. well I am done for the day.. zumba wore me out, lol...