Friday, October 15, 2010

Fun week!

This week was so much fun. I got to spend a lot of time w/ Meg and Coli-bear!! I can't wait to go to Florida and hang out w/ them and Aaron as well. I am still so much in awe that Darnell is sending me off to Florida for a whole week!! He keeps telling me to go, don't worry, relax.. What a guy!!!! It will be weird. As an adult I have never really gone anywhere just by myself. Well except for a missions trip to LA 7 years ago. I am soo excited!!!!!!!!!!!
Meg did my hair and it's AWESOME!!!! Isaiah said I look like a rock star!! It's amazing how much a new hair do can make you feel more confident. I went and got my protein shakes so I can start my 5 day fast on Monday. I did zumba 3 times this week. I am loving it! I hope I can keep going and find more classes to go to. It burns calories like no body's business and it's fun!
It's Friday night, Jeremiah is sleeping over at my sister in law's, and the other 3 are entertaining themselves in the girls' room. My kids are awesome. Last night I almost knockd Haley down the stairs because I was going down to change the laundry and she was coming up the stairs, only she was sleep walking!!! I had heard her talking to Savannah, lol... It's so dang funny. She never remembers a thing, If i hadn't stopped her she would have come barreling up the stairs..not sure where she would have gone once she made it up the stairs...good thing we have dead bolts on the doors!!

I feel like my thoughts are all over the place tonight! I am so excited about Florida, then not too long after that all the Holiday festivities begin! Then the new year, I am really hoping, rather praying, that Darnell and I can sneak away for some much needed time away. We'll see what happens. I am also looking forward to beginning my protein fast on monday and finding as much zumba I can do! I am feeling very motivated. Maybe it's my sassy new sexy hair do.. whatever it is, I am happy I have the motivation and excitement to start making better choices.
Well I am done for the night.. not much left to say!