Saturday, October 9, 2010

Nice Saturday

We went to D's cousin's house for a house warming party. They had a pig roast. so I like pork and ham just as much as the next guy, but it creeps me out just a little bit to see the pigs entire body, including the body being carved open. It's kinda gross. But I did try some and it was good. Then we went to my mom's for a bonfire. The kids were playing ghost in the Graveyard...They will have such wonderful memories. Savannah got stung by a bee that must have been in the grass.. an hour later she was still crying.. Oh my .. that girl is really going to give some man a run for his money some day! She takes after her momma!!!!!! LOL
I pulled something in my lower back again. It hurts like it did when we moved. Not as bad, but same place,same type of pain. I don't have time for that crap. I was working on the basement last night and must have over did it. I am learning the hard way that for whatever reason, if I do a lot of bending and picking things up, it causes my lower back to hurt. Not sure why, but it does...Anyways I got a lot done and cleaned up some stuff I've been wanting to do. I have a few bags of junk to go in the garbage and a whole lot of stuff to donate. How we always seem to be giving stuff away and still have so much stuff is a mystery. well I need to go to bed.. church in the morning! it was was a beautiful fall day and tomorrow it's suppose to be 82 degrees!