Friday, December 17, 2010

2 days in a row!!!!!!

Well 2 nights in a row I walked out on our block, right on the beach, well the sidewalk, but you know what I mean. Tonight it was 14 degrees w/ a windchill that made it feel like -2!! I was FREEZING! Last night I did 3 miles, tonight i did just about 3 miles. And for someone who HATES the cold, this is a TRUE testimony of just how BADLY I want to lose weight. I won't lie and say within the next 2 weeks I will eat the greatest. With the holidays, trying to be on a diet , well it's damn near impossible. It's like dangling a porter house steak in front of a lion. just plain wrong! So.. I will try and at least keep things at a minimum but will keep walking.
Tomorrow I will be baking and then going to my niece and nephew's bday party. Isaiah's belly is no longer rock solid, he's feeling much better. He just got over a melt down. tell me please, all of my followers, all 7 of you, lol, WHY or WHY do children listen to their father SOO much better than the mom. Yes, Yes, I know the whole, the mom is the primary care giver, blah blah blah.. but REALLY... this irriates me to to no end!!!!!! Darnell is an awesome dad, and If I don't say so myself, I think i'm a dang good mom. So.. if this boy doesn't start listening to me, I may go postal. That 's just fair warning.
I am getting in the baking mood. I already made up two batches of cut out cookie dough. I will make them tmrw and me and the kids will decorate them on Sunday. I love Christmas. I love how family gets together, traditions, baking, decorating.. buying gifts!!! We got a few things for the girls today, although it's getting harder to buy for them, there are things that are so fun to buy for girls their age! I love to cook and bake, which really doesn't help my plan to eating better! But it brings me a lot of happiness to cook and bake for people and have them enjoy seeing them like what I make. Hopefully when my kids are older, they will have great memories of me, baking from scratch, making yummy meals, making the house smell yummy. I love being a mom and a wife! So.. it's about that time, Shooting tomorrow for day 3 of walking!